How do I refill the coins on my account?

Why don't I have my coins yet?

First check your order on the orderpage.

Where can I find my 'Backup Codes'?

First, log in on EA/Origin.

Where can I find the answer to my 'FIFA Security Question'?

This is the answer to your FIFA Ultimate Team security question. It isn't the same as the security question on EA/Origin. You once set up the question and answer via a console. If you have forgotten the answer to your security question, you can reset it and set up a new one through a 'trusted console.' This is done by logging in on the web app with a fresh internet browser (or without cache files) and entering the wrong answer five times which will result in your FUT account being locked.

How safe is it to buy FIFA coins from FIFAcoins?

Safe! Because security and safety of our customers is our goal, we are assuring a reliable service. The delivery method we use has never produced problems for our FIFA accounts. That's how our system transfers over 50 million coins a day without any problems!

Please note: We have heard about bans/resets at persons who handle coins with unsafe methods. For example, never transfer coins by selling bronze players for 10k per card.